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Tareq on house boat

Nordic Cookery Season 2 on the air this spring

We are happy to announce that Tareq Taylor’s Nordic Cookery will appear across 115 countries around the world. Three years ago when we started putting our local food series together, we had big dreams for the series’ success, but this has gone well beyond our expectations. You are able to see this series on several broadcasters, including BBC Lifestyle, RTL Living, Fox’s 24Kitchen, Estonian and Croatian state TV (ERR and HRT respectively), Food TV in New Zealand, Asian Food Channel, and UKTV Good Food. Check out our new trailer covering all our fantastic locations on our home page.

Tareq grill 2

Trysil’s Winter Wonderland

Tareq’s visit Trysil in central Norway marks the third winter episode we have shot in this wonderful country – and next season we’re going to aim for the a summer shoot. Trysil is best known for it’s amazing mountains and ski resorts, where life was hard thanks to hard nature and months of cold weather. But spirited Norwegians tend to make the best out of whatever they are given, which Tareq discovered in this episode. Enccounters with a cheesemaker still using traditional methods, a new bakery who works ecologically and a taste of the local delicacy, fermented lamb. For more about this snowy wonderland, click on the “Episodes” button above.


Time to cook down the copper mine

We’ve hit up some amazing locations as part of Nordic Cookery – preparing food on snowy mountains, going out to remote islands, taking helicopter tours over the North Atlantic… but the episode we have shot in Røros, Norway was a first for Nordic Cookery. Røros is a Norwegian town built on the back of the rich copper mines in the area, mined since the mid-17th century. Although they are not being mined anymore, Tareq and our crew managed to go down, meters below, and cook a recipe as part of this new episode. Røros has got it figured out when it comes to local, organic food – a collective of food producers are renowned across Norway, with Michelin-starred chefs in Oslo swearing by products from this area. For more of Tareq’s delicious journey around Røros, click on the “Episodes” link above.


The adventure continues: Tareq goes to Shanghai

The simplicity of Nordic cuisine goes international! In November 2013, TAREQ TAYLOR’S NORDIC COOKERY had been the officially selected as the main attraction during “Nordic Cuisine Day” in Shanghai. The Nordic Design & Innovation Week took place at Minsheng Art Museum and brought together over 200 specially invited Chinese journalists, travel representatives, food bloggers and decision makers. Tareq Taylor hosted a master class where he fused the ingredients used in the Nordic kitchen with traditional local food, using sustainably-grown vegetables from China and seafood from Norway.

During his stay, Tareq took the time to make a deeper exploration of Shanghai. Here are his top 4 attractions you have to check out:
1. The restaurant Mr. & Mrs. Bund with its amazing view
2. The fabulous cocktailbar El Cóctel
3. The all-you-can-eat Dim Sum lunch at the Four Seasons Hotel
4. Tareq’s absolute highlight: The popular restaurant Goga with its unique menu and view over Shanghai

Restaurang Galan

Tareq Taylor: Chef of the Year

Tommy Myllymäki, Leif Mannerström… and now Tareq Taylor! At Restauranggalan 2013, an annual Swedish culinary event held in Stockholm, Tareq won the Chef of the Year award. The award was given not only because of his creativity, his lifelong passion for food and his awareness for quality, but the jury also honored Tareq’s effort to convey his knowledge about organic and locally produced food to all age groups across the section. The award was sponsored by Salma Lax, a company that according to many chefs produces the best salmon in the world.

If you want to know more about how Tareq merges Swedish and international cuisine, have a look in our Recipe section!


Tareq is on the road again

In Season 2 of TAREQ TAYLOR’S NORDIC COOKERY, you get the possibility to explore 12 new, astonishing destinations all over the Nordic countries. For the first time, Tareq will visit the Faroe Islands with their steep cliffs and green pastures to spot their culinary pleasures, and he will return to his home surroundings in the south of Sweden to discover what Kristianstad, an old garrison town, has to offer. Further destinations in Sweden include Vimmerby, known as Astrid Lindgren’s hometown; and Nynäshamn, a resort town by the sea which has been the setting for many other films and TV series. Tareq’s journey will also take him to Norway (Trysil and Røros) and four different locations across Denmark. Finally, Tareq will return to the Åland archipelego for another exploration of their local food, and explore Tornedalen, situated in Sweden’s Arctic region.

The series will be broadcast on BBC Worldwide, RTL, 24Kitchen and Asian Food Channel, among others.

Keep your eye on our news section as we start to report more details from each of our Season 2 episodes in 2014.

October 25, 2013 Posted in News
Tareq and moose

Vimmerby, Pippi Longstocking and Meatballs

Vimmerby in Sweden is traditionally known as the birthplace of Astrid Lindgren – the much loved children’s book author who created Pippi Longstocking, among others. Tareq and the crew headed out to Vimmerby last week for another Season 2 episode to see what else the village and the surrounding area has to offer. Starting with Lindgren’s beloved characters, a visit to a theme park dedicated to her work serves only local, traditional food – no junk or sugary things allowed here. Tareq meets a renowned pizza chef and makes his own pies using whatever he finds in the forest, and he also gets to feed an elk – not something for the faint hearted. Look at the “Episodes” button at the top of this page to find out more about what Tareq got up to.

Direct from the market

Local food market and smoked fish

Nynäshamn in Sweden is the next destination for Tareq on his mission to explore how the local food movement has grown in Scandinavia – and this is the perfect place to explore. Nynäshamn (pronounced Nee-nesh-hahm) is a coastal town looking out onto the largest archipelago in Sweden. On land, however, you can find amazing resort hotels, Sweden’s best fish smokery, prize-winning chocolate makers, a local brewery created by friends that is making a name for itself internationally, along with a new local food market just down by the docks. Tareq explores them all and more in this summery episode. Click the “Episode” link above to find out more.

Esbjerg statues

Sydvestjylland: great food and giant statues

We have just finished shooting our next episode in Season 2 in stunning Sydvestjylland. This part of western Denmark is on the sea, and is well known for it’s hearty cuisine and it’s amazing coastline – most of it is part of a giant national park across other countries. Tareq and the crew found tiny islands, small villages, and amazing oysters ready for harvesting when the tide is out. In Esbjerg, a coastal town, we snapped this picture of Tareq by Mennesket ved Havet - in English “Man Meets the Sea”. The sea and what it can provide is so important to this part of the world, and sailing in and out of Esbjerg on boats and ferries means these statues will always welcome you (or say goodbye). For more about Esbjerg and Sydvestjylland, click on the “Episodes” link at the top of the page.