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Smoked Sun recipe

Kristianstad, Sweden episode shoot complete

Southern Sweden is well known for its fertile farmland and bountiful sea, so it seemed the perfect choice for Tareq to explore Kristianstad, a small city of beautiful boulevards and many beautiful things to see and taste. Tareq was spoiled for choice when it comes to what to cook: fresh zucchini flowers picked off the vine worked their way into one recipe, local herring (a Swedish specialty) is prepared with fresh apples, and beef and Jerusalem artichokes make up the last recipe. And the special chocolate that Tareq learns to make will make your mouth water. Click on “Episodes” at the top of the page to find out more.

Tareq and viking ship

A real-life Viking ship in Eastern Denmark

Tareq and the crew have just finished shooting a new episode of Nordic Cookery in beautiful and wide open East Denmark – or Øst Danmark in the local language. Over a thousand years ago, there were many Viking settlements along the fjords, and Tareq makes a new pike recipe on a ship built with the same materials and in the same manner as ships were back then. This area is known as a place where landowners back from many generations are starting to find new and innovative ways to work with nature and agriculture – producing award winning wine made from cherries and organic food that people flock from around the world to taste. Click on the “Episodes” link at the top of the page to learn more.


Raw, beautiful nature in Nordjylland, Denmark

Another one of our Season 2 episodes is being shot this week in and around Nordjylland, in the northernmost part of Denmark. Tareq and the crew headed out to Skagen, one of Denmark’s most beautiful resort towns, where people have flocked for over a century to witness the very special light at all times of the day and during sunset. Tareq also went out to visit Læsø, which local legend has as a home for many gods in Norse mythology. Also, the stunning scenery meant that we have three new recipes shot in amazing locations – meals with langoustines, pork and cod – all of it local. Click the “Episodes” link above to see more about this stunning location.

Tareq cooking

Tareq heads to the Danish fjords

The shooting for the second series is underway! Tareq and the crew headed out to Midtjylland, a region of Denmark where beautiful little villages and islands are situated around the 180km-long Limfjord. Tareq experienced what people say are the best oysters in the world, challenged a group of local children to a crab race, explored a fresh food market, and went out to the island of Fanø where a farmer lets her sheep wander around their own beach and forest. And did you know Midtjylland was the region where audio experts Bang & Olufsen were founded?

Brewery's beer

Tareq’s return to Åland

In Season 1 of our series, Tareq explored some of the 6500 islands that make up Åland, located in the sea between Sweden and Finland. With 6497 islands still left to explore, we thought it was time for a return trip. Tareq looked at how gastronomy on the island was shaped by the numerous invaders that ruled this archipelago over the centuries, how Ålanders work hard to recycle everything they can for a new purpose, and meets a brewmaster who is working with re-creating beer that was found in a 200-year old shipwreck. Go to our “Episodes” link at the top of this page to learn more about Åland.

Fishing off of house boat

Shoot in Tornedalen: The Arctic in Summer

The far north of Sweden blossoms and thrives throughout the summer, so Tareq and the crew arrived just in time to see how nature works in the warmer months. Tornedalen is right on the border of Sweden and Finland, and the river has provided the people of both countries with centuries of food, trade and recreation. Tareq learned the old fashioned way to roast fish over an open fire, indulged in a sauna (absolutely a necessity for the locals of all ages), and sees that the very fertile land grows crops you didn’t think you would find around the Arctic Circle. Click on the “Episodes” link above to find out more.

Fermented lamb

Discover the majestic and unusual Faroe Islands

The Faroe Islands are located north of Scotland and southeast of Iceland, which means it’s one of the most northern parts of the planet where people provide. Tareq and the crew visited the beautiful capital Torshavn, where half of the 50,000 people live, and tried what Tareq called the best cod he’s ever tasted. They also explored a special hut for air-drying and fermenting whale and lamb meat, had a helicopter tour of the mountains formed by glaciers, and ate traditional food you’d be hard pressed to find anywhere else. Plus, shooting in June meant the sun never set – which was difficult on the crew when it came time for bed. See more about this episode by clicking on the “Episodes” link at the top of the page.


Series 2 is in production

After Series 1 of TAREQ TAYLOR’S NORDIC COOKERY started rolling out worldwide, Luckyday began production of Series 2 in June 2013. The show is currently airing worldwide across Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Australasia, with more countries currently signing up for this unique take on New Nordic Cuisine. Series 2 further extends Tareq’s journey around the Nordic countries, where he meets the latest innovators in food culture and sees some of the world’s most stunning scenery. Series 2, consisting of 12 episodes, will start appearing on TV screens worldwide from March 2014.


Minus 30 degrees Celsius? No problem!

As the production for Series 1 of TAREQ TAYLOR’S NORDIC COOKERY comes to an end, we shot one of our last episodes in and around Kiruna, a town in the very far northern part of Sweden. Tareq paid a visit to the Icehotel in Jukkasjärvi on the last day of the shoot as the temperatures in the morning dropped down to -30C (-22F), but inside the Icehotel buildings, the temperature was a balmy -5C. Despite the extremes outside, Tareq managed to cook among Sweden’s mountain ranges – not once, but twice.