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Tareq and viking ship

A real-life Viking ship in Eastern Denmark

Tareq and the crew have just finished shooting a new episode of Nordic Cookery in beautiful and wide open East Denmark – or Øst Danmark in the local language. Over a thousand years ago, there were many Viking settlements along the fjords, and Tareq makes a new pike recipe on a ship built with the same materials and in the same manner as ships were back then. This area is known as a place where landowners back from many generations are starting to find new and innovative ways to work with nature and agriculture – producing award winning wine made from cherries and organic food that people flock from around the world to taste. Click on the “Episodes” link at the top of the page to learn more.


Raw, beautiful nature in Nordjylland, Denmark

Another one of our Season 2 episodes is being shot this week in and around Nordjylland, in the northernmost part of Denmark. Tareq and the crew headed out to Skagen, one of Denmark’s most beautiful resort towns, where people have flocked for over a century to witness the very special light at all times of the day and during sunset. Tareq also went out to visit Læsø, which local legend has as a home for many gods in Norse mythology. Also, the stunning scenery meant that we have three new recipes shot in amazing locations – meals with langoustines, pork and cod – all of it local. Click the “Episodes” link above to see more about this stunning location.