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Esbjerg statues

Sydvestjylland: great food and giant statues

We have just finished shooting our next episode in Season 2 in stunning Sydvestjylland. This part of western Denmark is on the sea, and is well known for it’s hearty cuisine and it’s amazing coastline – most of it is part of a giant national park across other countries. Tareq and the crew found tiny islands, small villages, and amazing oysters ready for harvesting when the tide is out. In Esbjerg, a coastal town, we snapped this picture of Tareq by¬†Mennesket ved Havet - in English “Man Meets the Sea”. The sea and what it can provide is so important to this part of the world, and sailing in and out of Esbjerg on boats and ferries means these statues will always welcome you (or say goodbye). For more about Esbjerg and Sydvestjylland, click on the “Episodes” link at the top of the page.