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Series 2 is in production

After Series 1 of TAREQ TAYLOR’S NORDIC COOKERY started rolling out worldwide, Luckyday began production of Series 2 in June 2013. The show is currently airing worldwide across Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Australasia, with more countries currently signing up for this unique take on New Nordic Cuisine. Series 2 further extends Tareq’s journey around the Nordic countries, where he meets the latest innovators in food culture and sees some of the world’s most stunning scenery. Series 2, consisting of 12 episodes, will start appearing on TV screens worldwide from March 2014.


Minus 30 degrees Celsius? No problem!

As the production for Series 1 of TAREQ TAYLOR’S NORDIC COOKERY comes to an end, we shot one of our last episodes in and around Kiruna, a town in the very far northern part of Sweden. Tareq paid a visit to the Icehotel in Jukkasjärvi on the last day of the shoot as the temperatures in the morning dropped down to -30C (-22F), but inside the Icehotel buildings, the temperature was a balmy -5C. Despite the extremes outside, Tareq managed to cook among Sweden’s mountain ranges – not once, but twice.


Sausages from the bunker

This summer, Tareq went off to Bornholm, a Danish island located in the southern part of the Baltic sea. For a small island, they are extremely self-sufficient when it comes to making their own food, and even have one of Denmark’s most regarded restaurants located along a remote beach. Tareq got the opportunity to meet Bornholm’s own master brewer, who makes one version of beer mixed with seaweed flavour, got to sample the wild figs growing all over the island, and met Jørgen, a sausage maker who uses leftover WWII bunkers behind his shop for storage.