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Time to cook down the copper mine

We’ve hit up some amazing locations as part of Nordic Cookery – preparing food on snowy mountains, going out to remote islands, taking helicopter tours over the North Atlantic… but the episode we have shot in Røros, Norway was a first for Nordic Cookery. Røros is a Norwegian town built on the back of the rich copper mines in the area, mined since the mid-17th century. Although they are not being mined anymore, Tareq and our crew managed to go down, meters below, and cook a recipe as part of this new episode. Røros has got it figured out when it comes to local, organic food – a collective of food producers are renowned across Norway, with Michelin-starred chefs in Oslo swearing by products from this area. For more of Tareq’s delicious journey around Røros, click on the “Episodes” link above.

Tareq and moose

Vimmerby, Pippi Longstocking and Meatballs

Vimmerby in Sweden is traditionally known as the birthplace of Astrid Lindgren – the much loved children’s book author who created Pippi Longstocking, among others. Tareq and the crew headed out to Vimmerby last week for another Season 2 episode to see what else the village and the surrounding area has to offer. Starting with Lindgren’s beloved characters, a visit to a theme park dedicated to her work serves only local, traditional food – no junk or sugary things allowed here. Tareq meets a renowned pizza chef and makes his own pies using whatever he finds in the forest, and he also gets to feed an elk – not something for the faint hearted. Look at the “Episodes” button at the top of this page to find out more about what Tareq got up to.