Smoked Zander & Vegetables


Serves 4

Smoked Zander:


2 smoked zander fillets
400 g cooked small yellow beets – peeled
4 spring onions
8 leaves purple pointy-head cabbage
200 ml fresh fava beans or fresh green peas
1 tsp. virgin rapeseed oil
50 ml yellow mustard seeds
2 tbsp. white wine vinegar
2 tbsp. sugar
Salt and pepper

Take off the skin from the fish and use the thin belly bit of the fillet for the smoked zander cream. Cut the spring onions into big pieces and tear the cabbage into rough pieces. Fry for one minute together with the fava beans in a very hot pan in a little oil. Salt and pepper to taste.
Cook the mustard seeds in water for five minutes. Rinse in cold water. Add vinegar and sugar and leave to soak for 20 minutes before serving.
Combine all ingredients on a big serving plate with smoked zander cream.



Smoked zander cream
1 egg
1 tbsp. whit wine vinegar
The thin part of the smoked zander fillets
200 ml sunflower seed oil

How to do it

Cook the egg in boiling water for exactly three minutes.
Crack the egg and scrape out everything into a small bowl.
Add vinegar and smoked zander. Mix until smooth with a handheld mixer. Mix in the oil a little at a time. If the Cream gets too thick you can add a little cold water.
Salt and pepper to taste.


This recipe was made as part of the Uppsala episode.